Maria Elisa is a multidisciplinary artist, cultural agitator, spiritual seeker and life explorer who was born in the Colombian Amazon and is now undertaking a Fine Arts degree in the University of Barcelona.

Amandina is an illustrator who loves to write and never stops drawing. She was born in Chile, raised in Mexico and now based in Barcelona.

In January 2019, their paths colluded under the same roof in Barcelona and it was then that they embarked on a journey side by side. Conversations in the hallway became late night dissertations, and the dining table became a space of collaborative creative work. They each sailed towards their own adventure in the visual arts but their practice continued to nurture each other’s. Their house became a nest of making and living, a place to share insights, materials, processes and plates of vegetarian food.

The lines between work and leisure got even blurrier between March and June 2020, when the first lockdown came into place in the city. Isolated at home and with the world outside in a standstill, they went even deeper into their inner paths. They discovered the weight of domestic rituals, drank from each other’s personal manifestos and compared their own unique symbols and life experience.

It was from that exploration that Hemisferio was born, a project where bedrooms became artist studios became gallery space, and the doors of the home that kept them safe from the uncertainty of a world undergoing a global pandemic opened up wide to the visions created in confinement.

Hemisferio is a change of seasons, an end to a cycle, a quantic leap, a marker of time, a collective vision and a way to speak to the world with intention. An art project, a space for exchange and a platform to launch into the unknown.